Remember, any time you see < > those are delimiters, which are there to show the formatting, don't actually type them in-game! Edit

Common Helpful Commands:Edit

/spawn - send you to the server spawn, useful for shopping or escaping death.

/sethome - sets your current location as your home, which you can then return to at any time......

/home - returns you to your currently set home location

/back - sends you to your last location: very useful!

/msg <username> <message> - send a private message to the named user. remember other players don't see this, but the server admins can.

/auc hand <price> - begins an auction of whatever you are holding, where the starting bid is <price>

/bid <amount> - auto-bids up to the specified amount in the current auction.

/balance - see your current in-game monetary balance, don't overspend yourself!

/pay <username> <amount> - pays the specified player the specified amount, useful for impromptu trading, remember, how you handle trades indicates your character!

Member Commands Edit

/tpa <username> - sends a teleport request to the player specified, which they can accept or deny.

/tpaccept - accept teleport request sent to you

/tpdeny - deny a teleport request sent to you

/fly - earned through voting, probably the single most useful command in the game