MyTown is chunk based - press f9


/t new <name> - set up a new town - this currently costs 5 diamonds

/t claim - claim a chunk - this currently uses 1 diamond

/t invite <name> - Invites a player to your town - this gives them perms to everything unless you change the perms (shown below)

/t kick <name> - kicks a player from your town (All assigned plots are then revoked)

/t leave - leave a town

/t assistant add:remove <name> - add or remove an assistant

/t info <name> - Shows info on a town (you can use autocomplete[tab]) note; only works on the original name of the town

/t rename <name> - renames a town

/t plot <name> - gives a player access to a certain plot


/t nation new <name> - creates a new nation

/t nation info <name> - Shows info on a nation

/t nation invite <town name> - invites a town to your nation

/t nation kick <town name> - kicks a town from your nation

/t nation leave - leaves a nation


/t friend add:remove <name> - This adds a friend - these friends have perms to your town (if you are the mayor; this can be changed by using the perms system below)


/t perm plot|res|town set <key> <value> *some examples*

/t perm town set mobsoff true - to disable mobs in your town

Making your own town, and protecting what's yours from whats theirs -

/t perm town set town enter

This will make it so they only have permission to use their own plot, unless the mayor adds them as a friend, or they are promoted to an assistant.

Complete perm line explanation

/t perm 1 set 2 3

1 - 'town' or 'plot' - Town for the entire town, plot for the chunk you are standing it

2 - The sections (the dark green items in square brackets) - sets what you want to change

3 - What you want to change it to (true/ false/ none/ enter/ access/ loot/ build)

Let me know if I have missed anything 

Tutorial Written by Yepidoodles