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The forums can be used for anything like sending messages between players, towns or general topics

Go here to start on the forums, maybe even introduce yourself :) 

The first thing you need to do is create an Enjin account. To do that, go here and fill out your credentials. Next, you will need to activate your account through the email that Enjin sends you. Once confirmed, the DragonTech website will ask you to confirm a Minecraft Character (Minecraft Account). If you want to do this, go ahead and follow the instructions. After that, you’re done! You can post, browse and chat on the Dragontech Forums. 

Extra Forum Features

From you can do many things such as view events, view player introductions, guides and much more. Some of these topics have special sub-forums created for them. 

Team speak

TeamSpeak allows you to voice chat with other players on the server. Instead of having to type out your message, you can speak out what you are thinking, without having to worry about typos and the speed of your typing.

We recommend all players join our Teamspeak server while player, as it facilitates communication by miles. It's like skype but without the need to add people as contacts first

Living Amongst DragonTech Edit

Earning Money

In DragonTech you can earn money in many ways.

  • Voting Here
  • Participating in events
  • Trading with other players
  • Setting up a shop

Useful Commands

  • /sethome <homename> - sets a /home <homename> in the desired location.
  • /home <homename> - automatically teleports you to your home.
    • /home <player> <homename> - automatically teleports you to desired player’s home (if you are invited).
    • Do /home help for more /home commands.
  • /tpa <player> - sends a request to teleport to a desired player.
  • /tpahere <player> - sends a request to teleport a desired player to your location.
  • /spawn - automatically teleports you to the Agharta spawn location.
  • /warp <warpname> - automatically warps you to the desired warp.
    • Do /warp list for a list of available warps.
  • /ignore <player> - hide a desired player’s chat messages (only to yourself).
  • /msg <player> <message> - privately message a player of your choice.
    • /r <message> - quickly reply to a message sent to you.
  • /list - view all online players.
  • /money - view your current bank balance.
  • /kit - view available kits.