General Rules

  • Be respectful to other players and staff at all times
  • Do not excessively spam global or private message chat
  • No PVP
  • English only in global chat - Other languages are welcome but only in Private messages
  • Do not abuse any Bugs, Glitches or Loopholes
  • Do not create deathtraps
  • Do not create AFK machines
  • Do not claim over other people's land
  • No excessive use of /me or /action - this is annoying to most players.

Chat Rules

  • No explicit, vulgar, or offensive language - This includes all swears including those which have had some of the letters replaced with symbols; people still read it as a swear therefore it is one. However you may swear in private chat providing it is not aimed at a player, or the player isn't comfortable with it.
  • No spamming chat. - This includes full caps, or repeating the same word or phase several times in a short period of time, this also includes character spam; such as !!!!!!!!!??????? or hahahahahahahaha or nooooooooo. All caps speak for its self but apologising after you have done it isn't going to get you anywhere.
  • Respect yourself, respect others - Don't insult or disrespect other players, in private messages or otherwise; appropriate action will be taken against you. That also includes speaking another language to them when you know they can not understand it.

World Rules

  • No Greifing or Stealing - All actions are recorded and can be traced.
  • No World Greif - All actions are recorded and can be traced.
  • If someone moves into a claim you own, their items will always belong to them and if/when they decide to leave the must be allowed to take their belongings before leaving.

This list isnt a extensive list so rules that arent listed still apply, you must always listen to staff members when it applies.

All Staff follow our up to date guidelines for moderating chat and handing out punishments; but the smaller instances of the breakage of rules are down to staff descresion, such as a small amount of spam or a less impacting swear.

If you feel a member of staff hasn't been fair with dealing with punishments then please contact yepidoodles or Magnusri about the issue or post on ban appeals if applicable.

This list may be updated at times, be sure to check back here for more details.