Hey everyone,

Distant here this is my new blog here on the Dragontech Wiki.

This blog will show some of my latest stuff ive been upto around dragontech ethier in game or on the website etc.


This post includes stuff from before the date stated lol just cant remember when i did it, it would have been recently anyway

Recently i Left eaveecraft and devoted myself fully to DragonTech.

what im hoping to do for DragonTech is to bring new designs, ideas and content to the DT Community.

what ive done since i started here is designed the new Website banner, Advertisement banners, Mod-pack BG and icon, Forum sigs. see below for these :)

I also started this DragonTech Wiki for the community to use, this can be used for many different things like:

Events, Tutorials, General info and staff info, much much more.

Ive also been a busy bee and made spawn for DragonTech

see below for the images, even better check it out in game at /spawn

hope you all like the latest things.

until next time, cya =)